Cooking & Nutrition Workshops

Empowering families to access and prepare healthy and affordable food

Our community-based workshops and demonstrations bring together neighborhood families to connect with resources,learn skills and build relationships that strengthen their ability to nourish themselves with healthy food. We celebrate our community’s diverse food traditions and work with participants to shape our program. We strive to create dialogue within our community; sharing our experience and listening, learning and building knowledge together.

Our programs focus on scratch cooking, whole foods and culturally relevant ingredients. Whenever possible, we source regionally grown seasonal produce from local farmers who farm sustainably.

We encourage participants to think critically about food choices, considering quality, amount, source and the food environment (where, when and under what circumstances foods are consumed). Our programs empower participants to make informed food choices that are inline with their needs and values. Our goal is to be a partner in the creation of strong communities where everyone can enjoy good health and meaningful relationships.

host programs at Zenger Farm or partner locations in outer southeast Portland, with locations closest to the farm givenpriority.

To schedule a workshop or demonstration or for more information contact:

Prairie Hale, Community Involvement Coordinator, Prairie Hale,503-282-4245.