Environmental Stewardship

The City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) and Zenger Farm share a commitment to clean rivers, healthy watersheds and the Portland community. Zenger Farm leases the land it sits on from BES in a partnership that serves to protect the water quality and environmental health of the Johnson Creek watershed, Foster Floodplain and Beggar’s Tick wildlife refuge. Beyond achieving watershed protection, this powerful union educates community members on the importance of environmental stewardship, and improves the livability and health of our city.


  • Through field trips and camps, each year 10,000 visitors (primarily children) learn about BES’s mission to preserve wetlands, and understand how their individual actions impact the health of our rivers and streams.
  • During the 2014-15 school year, 870 5th– graders from David Douglas School District conducted water quality testing and invertebrate monitoring in the wetlands as part of inquiry based STEM lessons at Zenger Farm.
  • Over the past five years, more than 30,000 volunteer hours have been spent conducting watershed restoration and maintenance at Zenger Farm.
  • Zenger Farm employs storm water management techniques in all aspects of farming and infrastructure. Features include: permeable pavers, green roofs, catch basins, bio-swales and sustainable farming techniques. The new Urban Grange is a model of innovative storm water management and includes a three stepped conveyance feature designed by BES and funded by Metro.