Mike Wenrick, Executive Director

Mike believes all people have the right to access the bounty of our region, and is committed to collaborative, community-based approaches that address health and equity issues. Mike is excited to use his background in international relief-aid as a director at Medical Teams International, organizational management and community development to further Zenger Farm’s mission. Mike enjoys cooking, operates a small commercial winery and has been known to rescue a chicken that crossed the


Bryan Allan, Farm Manager

Bryan grew up in a Chicago suburb and moved to Portland to escape the sprawl and join an environmentally conscious community.With a B.A. in Biology from Purdue and a J.D. from Lewis & Clark College, Bryan has taken an interesting path to Zenger farm.He discovered his passion when he wasn’t looking for it: in spending his spare time gardening, raising chickens, cooking and living sustainability. Bryan has transformed his city lot into a cornucopia of food while showing that a purely edible garden is as beautiful as one created for ornamental reasons. Bryan joined Zenger Farm in 2010 as an intern, spent his first winter managing the farm’s expansion onto the Furey Property, and has been honing his skills as Assistant Farm Manager ever since.

Rob Cato, Program Assistant

Rob grew up enjoying the coastal outdoors surfing, fishing and camping in Central Florida. After graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Florida, he held positions in both corporate finance and restaurant management. Unable to escape his true passions for food and social justice, Rob joined us as a Program Assistant. In addition to his work on the farm, Rob currently serves on the board for the local non-profit Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon helping to ensure equal access to nutritious,culturally appropriate foods.

Laura Cerny, School Programs Manager

Laura grew up in southern California and is fascinated with the natural world and its interdependence. While completing her B.S. in Conservation & Resource studies at U.C. Berkeley she discovered her love for plants and animals, and the role humans play in our ecosystem. As an AmeriCorps member with the StreamTeam,Laura realized her knack for educating youth about the outdoors. Laura believes kids can make the world a better place when they have a strong connection to their surroundings. Her passion for growing food and healthy eating steered her toward Zenger Farm where she facilitates outdoor experiences. Laura enjoys making ice cream, eating colorful produce and jumping in rivers on hot days.

Prairie Hale, Community Programs Manager

Prairie grew up in a ranching family in Northeast Oregon. After broadening her horizons with a degree in Peace and Global Studies & Ecology, she began working on family farms across the country. Eventually she found herself in the Utah desert, growing okra taller than she was and working as a nutrition educator. Missing her family, she returned to Oregon in 2007 and began working at Zenger Farm. She loves connecting people to the farm, engaging volunteers and organizing community workshops. She is passionate about making good food accessible to everyone. Prairie and her housemates urban homestead, growing 1500 square feet of produce and caring for a flock of hens. She makes it back to eastern Oregon to herd cows a few times a

Andrew Hogan, Development Director

Andrew Hogan heralds from the dairy lands of upstate New York.As a child, he helped his parents with their backyard garden, andat the age of eight, grew the largest broccoli plant his parents had ever seen. Since moving to Portland, he has been involved withnon-profit and advocacy organizations such as Basic Rights Oregon,Samantha Swaim Fundraising and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. Andrew now serves as Zenger Farm’s development director,growing its fundraising capacity and donor base. When not raising money for the farm, you will find Andrew tending his herb garden,enjoying a microbrew with friends, cooking, or spending time at home with his partner, Jimmy, and their cat, Petunia.

Andy McGee, Camp Manager

Andy was raised in the forests of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California where she began a lifelong love for the natural world. She began teaching children about gardening in 2001 as she grew a passion of connecting children to their food as well as improving food access. She graduated from the Evergreen State College in 2009 with a degree focused on outdoor education and agriculture. She has volunteered and worked for several schools and organizations as a gardening educator including the Seattle Tilth, GRuB (in Olympia) and our local SUN school program before joining the Zenger Farm education team. Andy loves to explore the farm and wetlands with every age group, playing games, teaching science, eating amazing fresh food and singing about it all with her ukulele. In her spare time, Andy loves to go camping and fishing and garden at home with her two cats.

Jesse Mojica, Lead Educator

Jesse grew up in La Center, WA, running on country roads and digging in the dirt in her family garden. Her passion for food justice started at the age of 14 when she volunteered on a Christmas morning passing out breakfast and lunch in Pioneer Court House Square to the houseless, and began questioning why anyone would have a tough time finding healthy food to eat. Since then she’s been pursuing justice for all people as an advocate, teacher, and gardener. Jesse’s favorite veggies are artichokes, kale, and cherry tomatoes, and her favorite thing about Zenger Farm is getting to work outside in the fresh air almost every day! Jesse also enjoys cooking for her friends and family, riding her bicycle, and sticking her nose in almost any flower she comes across. When not teaching the thousands of kiddos who visit Zenger Farm annually, you’ll most likely find Jesse doing a lot of relaxing with a book or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.

Joanne Morrissey, Office Manager

Zenger Farm embodies two of Joanne’s passions – kids and gardening. After serving on the board of directors for four years,Joanne is happy to serve as the farm’s office manager. Joanne brings 30+ years of experience as an accountant with Portland companies such as Danna Brothers Elmer’s, Nature’s Fresh Northwest,McMenamins, and New Seasons Market. Born in the Midwest, Joanne relocated to Oregon in 1979, where her love for gardening began.She has been an avid flower and vegetable gardener ever since.Joanne has a B.S. in Accounting from Portland State University.After retiring from full-time accounting in 2008, she earned anA.A.S. in Interior Design and now owns an organizing and designbusiness called A Better Space.

David Perry, Program Director

David grew up exploring the forests of New England and fishing and boating on the beautiful Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchabunagungamaugg. He learned to drive a tractor before a car in the fields of northern Alabama, but didn’t learn to like tomatoes until tasting a Cherokee Purple off the vine as an adult. His family moved to Oregon for the produce (and beer) in 2006. David has worked most recently as Director of Museum Education. He has been an educator in museums and after-school programs in San Francisco, Boston, and Portland, most recently as Director of Museum Education at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, where he focused on giving people of all ages the opportunity to learn through making. David joined Zenger in late 2013 and is excited to be part of such a great

David “D-Rod” Rodriquez, Lead Educator

D-Rod grew up in Arlington, Virginia, running around in the woods. His passion for environmental educations started at the age of 12 when his camp counselor helped him ‘sneak up’ on a deadly mushroom, and identify it. D-Rod’s favorite veggies are beets, and his favorite thing about Zenger Farm is discovering new things with kids. D-Rod also enjoys throwing pizza dough, and driving the school bus. When not teaching the thousands of kiddos who visit Zenger Farm annually, you’ll most likely find D-Rod

Gareth Stacke, Farm Crew Manager

Gareth grew up near Santa Cruz, CA. He never learned to surf, but does love the ocean. He moved to Portland in 2008 to attend Lewis & Clark College where he studied American History and the Civil Rights Movement. After school, Gareth started farming as an intern at Zenger Farm in 2013. After graduating from the program,and gaining experience working at Sauvie Island Organics, Our TableCooperative and Portland Fruit Tree Project, Gareth is thrilled to be back at Zenger Farm. When not growing veggies, you can often find Gareth hiking in the gorge or riding around Portland on his

Krysta Williams, Community Education & Engagement Manager

Krysta grew up throughout California exploring the outdoors and experimenting with food as much as possible. Some of her earliest memories are working in the garden with her dad. Her passion for food justice really took shape when she started teaching in a migrant farming town and seeing how the food and farming system so negatively impacted her students and their families. Krysta’s favorite thing about Zenger Farm is the way it uses food to bring together people from so many different walks of life and cultures.When not learning with kids and families about the ins and outs of holistic eating, Krysta also spends time organizing with community groups around issues of access and equity through her work with PARCEO – a community-based research center.