Green Farmhouse

Green Building & Systems

Urban Grange

The Urban Grange employs innovative stormwater management features, including a green roof and a three stepped conveyance feature designed by Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) and funded by Metro.


In September 2007, Zenger Farm moved into the historic Zenger farmhouse. The farmhouse was thoughtfully renovated with the goals of energy conservation and environmental stewardship in mind. The original Zenger family’s farmhouse is now a center for environmental, farming and healthy eating education.

36 165-watt Photovoltaic array panels cover the farmhouse’s wrap around porch. The solar panels collect as much energy as the house uses creating a “net zero energy use” facility. Funding for the panels was provided by Portland General Electric and the Energy Trust of Oregon. Environmental Buliding Supplies provided the panels and the installation.

Precipitation falling on the farmhouse roof is collected in two 4,800-gallon cisterns manufactured by Scafco, and is filtered and used for potable water in the house. Throughout the farmhouse there are numerous examples of reclaimed and recycled materials, energy efficient systems, water efficient systems and locally made products. For more details, see our Green System Fact Sheet.