Farm Field Trips

Field Trips – Come Visit the Farm!

Field trips are offered Monday through Friday year-round. Cost for school groups is a sliding scale payment of $5.00-$10.00 per participant for a farm visit up to 2 hours, including a tour and/or service learning. Payment of $6.00 or more per participant contributes to our field trip scholarship fund that provides financial assistance to classes from under resourced schools to visit the farm. If your group would like to stay longer than 2 hours, each additional hour costs $2/participant.  Our 3 hour Nutrition field trip is $8 per participant.

In addition to the field trips listed below, Zenger Farm offers field trips for non-school/ professional groups.Cost for non-school/professional groups is $10.00 per participant for a farm visit up to 2 hours. Any additional hour is $5.00 per participant.


Farm Tour- Preschool through Adult

This is a great introductory trip to Zenger Farm. It is a hands-on tour of the farm and wetland that connects people to food,environmentally friendly farming practices, and the wild and domesticated animals that call Zenger Farm home.

The Farm Tour includes visits to our flock of 30 laying hens, the 13 honey bee hives, the 10 acre wetland and the sustainable farm fields.

Other stations that Farm Tours often visit are the compost bins, the red wiggler worm bin, the orchard, the bioswales, children’s gardens, and June through November the turkeys.

Please let us know if there is a specific topic that you would like us to focus on. For example; some groups like to focus on sustainability, life cycles, seasonality, local foods, or organic foods.

People Need Plants- Preschool & Elementary

This hands-on discovery program investigates plant parts and their functions, what plants need to grow and thrive, how photosynthesis works, and how humans use plants everyday.

Roots – students learn about nutrient and water uptake, and nitrogen fixation.

Stems and Leaves – students taste leaves and stems, learn about photosynthesis, xylem and phloem.

Flowers, Fruits and Seeds – students learn about flower reproduction through examining what flowers are blooming at the time of their visit.

Critters in the Crops- Preschool & Elementary

Program activities focus on the insects and bugs that live in the crops and wetland of Zenger Farm. Students explore which bugs are friends to farmers and which are foe.

Wetland Ecology- Elementary

An inquiry based program that explores the functions and values of a wetland ecosystem, and takes a closer look at aquatic insects,animal habitat, and water quality. Students use nets and magnifying glasses to gently sample and learn about the macro invertebrates that live in the pond and stream. Older students test the water quality.

Nutrition (new!) –  3rd-5th grade, December-February

Students rotate through field, classroom, and cooking stations to harvest and prepare a fresh meal, discover how eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies can help our bodies, and practice creating nutrient-rich balanced snacks and meals.

Service Learning- Preschool through adult

Participants dig in and get dirty working on whatever seasonal farm projects need to get done.

For more information about visiting the farm or to schedule afield trip for your group, contact Program Assistant Rob Cato or call 503-282-4245 ext 105.

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