Cooking & Nutrition Demonstrations

Cooking and nutrition demonstrations connect participants with knowledge, skills and resources for healthy eating and inspire families to try new foods at home.Demonstrations are good for community and school events like health fairs or farmers markets,last two hours and provide tastes and recipes for up to 100 people.

Community Chef Demonstrations

Community Chef cooking demonstrations inspire families to learn about and enjoy healthy food and cultural traditions. The programempowers home cooks from diverse backgrounds to become leaders in their communities by sharing their cooking traditions and promoting healthy eating.Cost: $200

Tasting Demonstrations

Tasting demonstrations feature fresh seasonal produce along with information about nutrition and local food resources. Participants can testtheir fruit and vegetable identification skills with a blind taste test challenge. Cost: $100

To schedule a demonstration or for more information contact:

Prairie Hale, Community Invovlement Coordinator, Prairie Hale, 503-282-4245.